Mazda6: Control and Safety

Mazda6 is a midsize sedan that is popular because of its stylish interior, exterior, and impressive safety features. The safety systems that are seamlessly worked in the Mazda6 are impressive.

The braking technology begins with anti-lock brakes. This system helps prevent the tires from locking during hard braking. There is also electronic brake force distribution, which sense when a tire needs more stopping power. The distribution program sends more support to those wheels. The brake assist and smart city brake support help the driver stop harder and faster when the traffic ahead abruptly stops.

Stability comes with all this braking power. The Mazda6 controls traction with the dynamic stability control program. The system detects slipping tires during cornering or icy driving conditions. It will automatically control the power and wheel speed.

If you would like to see and feel the Mazda6, we invite you to visit our dealership here at Crater Lake Mazda in Medford, OR, and take a test drive today.

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