New Mazda3 Sedan Safety Features Motorists Appreciate

Now that the new Mazda3 is available at Crater Lake Mazda, we decided to focus our efforts this month on showing why this popular compact car continues to rank high on the list for safety features.

Once the Mazda3 hits the highway, you'll appreciate when the Blind Spot Information System begins scanning behind your vehicle for other cars. If another vehicle is or will be moving into your blind spot, then your side mirror on that side of the car will flash so you know where that other car is and which lane to avoid moving into just yet.

The way that the Adaptive Cruise Control system works in the Mazda3 is unlike the older systems in one respect. Once the speed is selected, this system uses radar technology to find a lead car and create an invisible safety buffer. If that buffer is not maintained, your car automatically speeds up or brakes accordingly.

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