Protecting Yourself with the CX-9's Radar Cruise Control

There are regulations, recommendations, and rules surrounding how far you should drive behind another vehicle. The question of what the safe distance at a given speed is mired by eye-measurements, suppositions, and different recommendations from different sources. The fact remains that many accidents are avoidable by simply allowing the distance needed to react to a change by the car in front.

Mazda has included its Radar Cruise Control in the C-9 mid-sized SUV. When the cruise control is activated, a radar begins sensing the traffic in front. When approaching a vehicle, the Radar pings the speed of the car in front and signals the cruise control system to slow to that pace. When the car in front clears the way, then the cruise control resumes its previous speed.

At Crater Lake Mazda in Medford, OR come in to schedule a test drive! We would be pleased to demonstrate the Radar Cruise Control for you.



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