Mazda CX-9 Offers Luxury Design at Affordable Pricing

With design features you could expect from a luxury brand, the Mazda CX-9 is designed with the driver in mind all the way down to the smallest details.

Inside the car, you can feel a sense of sophistication, but the driver's seat is definitely the focus. The entire console is positioned higher to ensure driving is comfortable and drivers have ultimate control of the vehicle. The interior design also offers more room and ease of access to the third row of seats.

The steering wheel and second row seats are both heated for additional comfort while riding. The interior also includes premium leather and rosewood so that passengers can experience luxury while traveling.

On the outside, the Cx-9's paint has been crafted with impeccable attention to detail giving it a luminous shine and durability to last for years.

Experience the luxurious design features in the Mazda CX-9 by visiting Crater Lake Mazda in Medford, OR today.

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