Safety Is Of Paramount Importance In The New Mazda CX-5

The most important thing of all when you put yourself or your loved ones in a vehicle is their safety. The popular and stylish Mazda CX-5 also contains some of best safety features on the road to ensure that everyone makes it home safely.

Blind Spot Monitoring

None of us is immune to having a blind spot. This is a part of being a human being. It is a particularly dangerous one when we are driving a vehicle. Luckily, the Mazda CX-5 has blind spot monitoring standard. It detects if another vehicle is in the driver's blind spot and alerts them to this fact if they attempt to get over while someone is in that blind spot.

Automated Emergency Braking

In the event that one is not paying close enough attention to the vehicles in front of them, the automated emergency braking will kick in to hopefully prevent an accident.

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