When Was the Last Time Your Gaskets Were Checked?

Seals and gaskets form a tight seal to close gaps between stationary and moving parts of your car. Even though it possible to machine parts to fine levels of detail, the surfaces are still not perfect, and tiny gaps can be present. This can cause fluids or gases to leak out and create a wide variety of engine problems.

Some gaskets are to keep fluids in and to keep substances like dirt and dust out. Even though gaskets are made to be strong and flexible, they do eventually break down and become damaged. This can cause serious problems. That is why they should be checked regularly and replaced when needed. Many people do not realize that they need to do this until it is too late.

Having your gaskets checked at Crater Lake Mazda in Medford, OR is a great way to keep your car running in top shape. If you can't remember when you last had this done, it is time.

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