What are Recalls?

Have you heard about a car recall that may affect your vehicle? Not everyone is issued a recall letter, but your vehicle could still be affected. While the manufacturer does their best to contact all car owners, the notice doesn’t always get to you before the news announcement. Whether you receive a letter or not, you could still be eligible for free repairs, replacement parts, and compensation.

The recall letter will give you instructions on what to do next. Typically, you’ll only need to bring your vehicle to a certified dealership for repairs. You can call Crater Lake Mazda to set up a repair appointment and go over your options. They’re the best service department in Medford, OR to help with recalls and warranty issues.

The recall letter typically comes right after the defect is discovered by the manufacturer or the NHTSA. Safety recalls don’t always mean that you’re in danger, but you should review the recall defects and safety problems before getting back in the vehicle.

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